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Hi Ladies, how you doing, I hope summer is treating you well, but what about your feet.

Let’s give them some reason to be happy, yes you got it right.

Why not try some new heels

There is a popular line by Marilyn Monroe

“ I don’t who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot”

Lets try to find some answers

You know, the heels were invented back in 15th century in Persia for solider later it reach different part and became fashion statement for MEN!

Yes you read right for men, but slowly and gradually as time changed, today it’s a big style statement for women

I too have obsession of heels, flats NO NO NO, I cannot imagine myself going out without heels, what about you girls?

There are countless heels type that can be named however lets try some favorite one


Let’s try some nice pick for heels that can really suit your all occasion dresses

In my favorite first comes the PUMPS

1. Pumps

In one word, best, exciting , pumps are usually wider and between 2 and 3 inches in height. They're typically low cut around the front.

Can fit with formal or informal dress, i think the most elegant office wear

2. Stilettos

The highest of all the high heels, stilettos can reach up to 8 inches.

Often its hard to walk on these pairs of heels but it looks breathtaking and gives you extreme level of satisfaction.

3.Wedges Heels

I can say the most comfortable heels, agree ladies?

I prefer wearing wedges with knee length dress, you can try black dress with black wedges.

Ladies! please don't go much formal with wedges

So which one is your favorite from these 3 or apart from these 3 , lets discuss in comment section

This was all for today, we will meet again with new fashion trend

Stay tuned for latest update and don't forget to get your new heels

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